The right funding solutions on your terms.

Conventional Loans

With down payments as low as 5%, conventional loans offer our clients the opportunity to acquire property or inventory through banks, hedge funds, and other private institutions. Conventional loans do not have government backing. Terms will range from 3-15 years. Our team of finance professionals will walk you through the process of securing funds for the purchase of your office space, hotels, storage facilities, or retail space, for example.

Credit Loans

Credit loans or lines of credit for commercial use are typically paid off between 12-84 months. Our team of finance professionals will assist you with securing the right amount of funding at the right rate.

Working Capital

Without any liabilities or debt, your working capital would always remain in the green. Back in reality, we understand that businesses can end up in challenging financial situations. Working capital loans can quickly put cash in your pocket for your necessary business needs. Emergencies or an economic downturn can leave businesses feeling vulnerable. Our team of finance professionals will guide you through the options so that you can remedy any day-to-day cash flow issues.

Stock Loans

Shares of stock can be used to secure funding for your commercial needs. No need for credit checks or income verification. If you own stock that is traded on a global exchange, our team at GPS can review your portfolio and strategically use your investments for acquiring the right loan for your business. 

Gap Loans

Gap loans, sometimes known as bridge loans or interim financing, are short-term loans that assist your business with getting out of tight spots. There are generally higher rates associated with Gap loans due to the nature of their purpose and the short repayment term. Our team of finance professionals can walk you through the process of securing a Gap loan for you while we also seeking out permanent financing for your property acquisition.

Equipment Acquisition

GPS Capital will assist you with the proper funding necessary for purchasing the equipment you need for your business. We will seek out and secure equipment financing that can cover up to 100% of the cost. Our team of finance professionals have helped clients acquire company vehicles, industrial machinery, IT equipment/infrastructure, commercial refrigeration, etc.